Joel Huanca

Non-profit Cultural Association

We are a Cultural Association that brings art, beauty and talent to the popular sectors of our country, through opera performances adapted to Spanish and the Peruvian reality, shows that touch on humorous themes of everyday life with which the audience will feel familiar from beginning to end.

Each of our performances is totally innovative, as we not only sing opera translated into Spanish, but there is great interaction with the audience, hilarious scenes that accompany each aria and that promise to make us spend an unforgettable moment. In addition, to make opera even more familiar to people who have not yet had the opportunity to appreciate it, different fusions are created with other musical genres; the most popular songs of the moment sung in a lyrical style.

Our motivation is more than a philosophy, it is passion and commitment to young Peruvian singers, musicians and artists who perhaps do not have the opportunity to show their art, to show their talent; an opportunity that they find on the stages of Ópera en Castellano.


To create opportunities of exposure for young national talents and at the same time revolutionise opera in Peru, adapting it to our language and to modern reality, creating new contents, fusing it with other genres, involving media personalities in order to bring it closer to all regions and sectors of the country.


To rethink the concept of opera in every Peruvian in a revolutionary way, taking the lyrical genre in Spanish to every corner of our country and making it a favourite among young people.

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